We create art. We write about art. We produce films. We make art visible. We connect artists and viewers by organizing exhibitions and festivals. Sometimes on a large scale on 3000sqm like the exhibition About Nature as part of the PlanetArt Festival 2019 at Kühlhaus Berlin with 49 artists from 20 countries. At times smaller and high-profile with four world-class photographers as in the exhibition „On Top – four photographic viewpoints“ with Bernd and Hilla Becher, Matthias Koch, Simon Roberts and Peter Hebeisen at Photobastei Zurich. Most recently, on the occasion of the 100th birthday of Grossberlin, we initiated and organized the exhibition „Fokus Berlin“ with 14 photographers dedicated to the theme of Berlin.

After having organized several large-scale projects in the last years and exhibiting many wonderful first-class artists, we decided to expand our Artspace and represent some artists more intensively and individually. We are all about participation in art and bringing exciting, socially relevant artistic positions and artists‘ personalities to those interested in art.

Through our female family members Ruth Wobeser and Hilla Becher, who themselves started an artistic career early on as photographers, our work feels inspired and committed to art.

Julia, Cordelia, Aurelia and Marianne Kapfer